Nos recettes

  • ALL recipes are Nut free and Gelatin free.
  • FOOD ALLERGIES: Each Chef has been trained in food sensitivities, allergies and dietary restrictions. Each recipe has substitutions which accommodate gluten free, egg free, dairy free, vegan and vegetarian. Every Chef uses separate tools for students requiring food accommodations. Chefs will ensure every precaution is taken to avoid any cross contamination. It’s important to note that all baked goods are baked in the same oven. Final consent for student’s participation will belong to the school and the student’s family. Chef à l’École is always willing to speak directly with family or school to address any concerns and create a plan for success.
  • Chef will bring their own portable oven, IF school does not have one available.

La culture

  • Chefs create an interactive cultural experience for French students.
  • Students will play a traditional French musical instrument called ‘les cuillères’ while listening to French music.
  • Chefs will share French Cultural stories that are directly related to each grades curriculum. New stories are shared each year that we return.
  • Our program is eligible for the Cultural Grant available to teachers to subsidize or cover the cost of the booking.

Nos étudiants

  • Every student can participate in our programs.
  • Each presentation is easily adaptable for every age, ability and language level.
  • Programs are created for grades 1-12.
  • Students in Core, Extended and Immersion French Programs.
  • We support CEFR program targeting A1, A2 and B1 users.
  • We present in a complimentary manner to the AIM teaching method.

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