Current owners Susanne Thériault-Golds and Alisa Lecavalier-Foster both fell in love with the Chef à l’École program as parent volunteers at each of their kid’s school.

Both Susanne and Alisa had the same aha moment as they watched the Chef presenter make the language of their childhood come alive for their children and classmates. The excitement and energy in the room, while the students were working with the Chefs, was the perfect compliment to the traditional classroom program.

Each became Chef presenters at different times both continuing to fall in love with the program. Now 15 years after its creation, Chef à l’École is under the direction of these two passionate friends and business partners.

Rencontrez nos chefs…

Chef Susanne, a Franco-Ontarian, is passionate about honouring her heritage through encouraging children to embrace the French language with its rich and “delicious” culture. Susanne is a creative storyteller and has an incredible talent to turn each presentation into a ‘spectacle’ to the delight of the students, parents and teachers alike. Susanne proudly used her French skills working in several bilingual positions over the past 20 years. Chef Susanne lives in Fergus with her husband and two children.

Chef Alisa always counted herself lucky growing up in Burlington in a bilingual house. In high school, she went on an exchange to France which only served to ignite her passion for the language and culture. After graduating from the University of Waterloo in French Literature, Alisa went on to teach french, travel the world as a flight attendant and later worked in emergency services. In her journey, Alisa found that her French was an asset in each new role. Alisa loves sharing her passion for the French language and culture with students through the Chef à l’École program. Chef Alisa lives in Brantford with her husband and two children.

Chef Véronique is a proud Francophone by heritage, Véronique attended full French schooling throughout her elementary and secondary education, as well as advanced courses in post-secondary. Drawn to the world of business, fluent bilingualism came in very handy as National Director for multiple large Canadian corporations, travelling our beautiful country, communicating and building relationships in both official languages for over 16 years. Véronique is thrilled to bring her French Canadian heritage with her to each session and as she’s also an accomplished dancer, prepare to learn & “shake” while you bake! Chef Véronique currently lives in Burlington with her husband and two children.

Chef Jaime was born in Montreal and attended French elementary school while living in an English speaking home. After moving to Burlington she continued her high school French education in an Extended French program. A creative type, Jaime jumped at the opportunity to become a Chef instructor and share the joy of French language with students across Ontario in this upbeat, fun-filled program. Out of the classroom Jaime undertakes many artistic endeavours at home in Burlington where she lives with her husband and two children.

Chef Teresa was born and raised in rural south-eastern Ontario. She is a certified teacher and community-oriented. She is a passionate teacher qualified to teach at the Junior, Intermediate, Senior Levels and fluent in English and French. Chef Teresa is gifted with natural teaching abilities to empower students of all ages with the passion and creativity to foster self-confident learning. Chef Teresa offers practical experience working with students from a wide range of social, cultural and economic backgrounds. She believes that the Chef à l’école program offers a constructivist approach to learning French while also offering students invaluable life skills to bring to their communities.

Chef Josée was born in Sudbury Ontario and moved to London as a teenager. She studied French Literature and Mathematics at Western University. Being fluent in french afforded her many years of experience in sales and more recently as a substitute teacher for a french school board. The french culture is very much a part of her family’s life; both children are bilingual and attend a french first language school. Josée is very active in their school community and is passionate about food, health and wellness. Josée lives in London with her husband and two boys.

Chef Rachel learned French while growing up in Ancaster. After using her French skills in various career fields, she is excited for this new opportunity to use her skills to encourage children to pursue their love of the French language through cooking! Rachel currently lives in Brantford with her husband and two children.

Chef Bernard is French-Canadian and was born in Quebec City. He is a retired music teacher who spent his career in Ontario teaching in French elementary public schools. As a musician he has played in dance bands, jazz bands, rock bands and French folk bands. He loves his culture and enjoys sharing it in our programs. He enjoys working with kids and loves cooking! He thinks Chef à l’école is a great way to enjoy teaching and speaking French. Chef Bernard currently lives in Toronto with his wife.

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