Nos programmes

Nos recettes…

  • 6 different student-friendly recipes (ALL RECIPES ARE NUT FREE)
  • Food accomodations: Dairy free, Gluten free, Vegan, Egg free, Vegetarian, Gelatin free
  • Food allergies: Chefs will do their due diligence to make all the necessary accommodations, however cannot guarantee cross contamination. Final consent is the responsibility of the student’s family and school.
  • Chefs will bring their OWN oven IF the school does not have one available.

La culture…

  • Chefs will provide an atmosphere of the French Culture
  • Represented in language, food, music, instruments, storytelling and classroom set up.

Nos étudiants…

  • Our programs are unique because we can easily adapt for every age, ability and language level.

Prochaines étapes

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