Questions fréquemment posées

How does the program work?

Each session includes the interactive preparation of a student-friendly French recipe followed by storytelling presentation on French Canadian culture.  The session concludes with the students socializing while enjoying their baking creations and listening to French music.

What space is required for the program?

Chef requires a dedicated space to set up for the entire day.  We’re flexible to use a classroom, library, gym, staff or hospitality rooms with accessibility to running water.  Space must be on the main floor if no elevator is easily available.  Portables are not an option.

What equipment is the school required to provide?

7 tables, large garbage bin, oven (if available), access to running water, dedicated program space for day

Does the school require an oven?

School ovens are preferred to be used as there is enough space to bake all recipes at once.  However, we recognize that an oven is not always an option and Chefs do have a smaller portable oven available to be used if required.

How many students per session?

30 students per session is the recommended maximum.  This number allows each student to fully participate and get the most out of the Chef experience.

How many sessions in a day?

3 or 4 sessions in a day per school.

How long is each session?

Each session for Elementary Schools are 85-90minutes and 75 minutes for Secondary Schools.  Chefs require 10 minutes minimum between sessions.

What is your food allergy policy?

  • Food accomodations: Dairy free, Gluten free, Vegan, Egg free, Vegetarian, Gelatin free
  • Food allergies: Chefs will do their due diligence to make all the necessary accommodations, however cannot guarantee cross contamination. Final consent is the responsibility of the student’s family and school.

Why are volunteers required for the program?

Volunteers are essential to the Chef program running smoothly and efficiently.  Volunteers do not need to speak French.  Volunteers are there to support students completing each task, assist as required and the baking of recipes while the Chef is doing their storytelling.

4 volunteers are required for gr 1-6

2 volunteers are required for gr 7-8

0 volunteers are required for gr 9-12

What is the teacher’s role during the program?

A teacher is required to be present during the program at all times.  Teachers are responsible for classroom management and discipline.

How does set up and take down work?

Chefs will arrive 1 hour early for set up for the day.   Chefs require 30 minutes for take down at the end of the day without interruption.  Chefs are responsible for set up and take down, as long as the tables are in the dedicated space.

What is our cancellation policy?

If a school cancels a booking within two weeks of their date, the school will be subjected to a $300 cancellation fee.